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Lambourne End Outdoor Centre


The Centre has a brilliant board of trustees. In 2004 when the charity and company ‘Lambourne End Ltd’ was formed it needed financial support to start and have some guarantors. Lambourne End Centre had four companies represented on its board of trustees who all committed resources to the company: Aston-Mansfield (who own the site), City YMCA, Hornsey YMCA and Forest YMCA. Our lease and hence board structure has since changed, but our board members have all been chosen to ensure the required expertise in a wide range of fields are all present including finance, employment law, marketing and strategic planning. All members have many years experience of working hands-on with young people, are committed to the development of young people and ensuring the Centre is a success.

Board members:

Tim Richardson: Chairman
Caroline Rouse Vice Chair
Gordon George: Treasurer
Gillian Bowen
Thomas Brettle
Jim Shepley
Micah Gold
Aabida Khan
Anna Laughland
Marianne Layburn
Matt Cooper
Charlie Care
John Connor

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